Harry Nelson - Currently a PhD student at the University of Southampton


Studentship for Human-Centric AI, with supervisor Prof. Leslie Carr.
Some Highlights:
  • Nothing yet I've just started

Some Highlights:
  • Research Paper on ChatGPT Tech and Impact in Education (download here)
  • Third Year Project on Virtual Mentors for Competitive Tactical Shooters (view here)
  • Fourth Year Group Design Project on visualising the Southampton Uni EPrints Repository (demo here)
Optional Modules:
  • Deep Learning Technologies
  • Biometrics
  • Data Mining
  • Data Visualisation
  • Individual Research Project
  • Computer Vision
  • Machine Learning Technologies
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Advanced Computer Networks

A level:
  • UAL Level 3 Extended Diploma in Creative Media Production & Technology - Distinction
  • Maths - A
The UAL covered a range of modules like game design, web design, video editing etc. but was marked entirely based on the final major project. Mine was a rhythm game with a "minimalist" visual style made in Unity (more info here).
  • Maths - 9
  • English Literature - 7
  • English Language - 7
  • Biology - A*
  • Chemistry - A
  • Physics - A
  • Music - Distinction (This was a BTEC worth 2 GCSEs)
  • French - A
  • ICT - Merit


  • Wrote technical articles for a GDB-based blog about how to use the debugger
  • Helped marketing department with proofreading technical articles and testing the UX of courses the company offered
  • Generated tips for using GDB for marketing campaign
Tools: C (programming language), GDB (debugger), Wordpress (website), Hubspot (social media management)

  • Assisted in use of OpenAI API and other NLP tools for a few in-house projects
Tools: Python, OpenAI API, Pytorch

  • Learnt to understand and use CI and version control environments at a corporate level
  • Tested product (Java Time Travel Debugger), writing tests to catch issues for future integration
  • Fixed issues found with product
  • Worked in agile environment with daily standups to communicate with the rest of the team and other areas of the company
Tools: Java, JUnit, Jetbrains Plugin API

Achievements and Volunteering

Qualified first-aider, providing high quality first-aid support to local community events and high-profile events around the country.
Events include:
  • Night-Time Economy (public first aid support in the city centre from 9pm to 4am)
  • Wimbledon Tennis (Outside at the Queue and inside the grounds at treatment centres)
  • Twickenham Rugby
Unrelated to St John but I have also achieved a Level 2 Certificate in Understanding Mental Health First Aid and Mental Health Advocacy in the Workplace.

Taking in deliveries and setting up the marketplace for use the following day. SCM Marketplace is a "food membership" scheme, providing heavily discounted, fresh, high-quality products for members of the community.

Video Game Society:
Helped to organise/facilitate/run tournaments and events for members of the community, within the Southampton video game society and for country-wide tournaments.
Open Day:
On open days, a mixture of tasks including fire marshal (routing people out of the building safely in case of fire) and generally talking to people about my time at Uni.
For the graduation events I was shepherding graduands and their families to the provided transport from the train station (as well as providing bus route/local advice to pedestrians who thought I worked at the train station).